What We Do

Challenge Convention

There is a good chance you won’t remember the approximate 3,000 completely formulaic marketing messages vying for your attention today. The ones ahead of the curve are those that are forging the path. We’ve found that the unexpected gets attention and attention delivers response. While there are always a million answers, there are usually only a few remarkable ones and we are on a quest to find them.

Taking Care of Business

You may have noticed the economy is "so pitted." This keeps everyone on their toes. We’ve designed a truly digital agency from the ground up, built to thrive in today's fast moving world. By approaching business problems flexibly and holistically, we create answers that truly connect with people and can cut through the clutter. We believe in fluidly integrating branding with advertising, marketing with strategy and design with everything.

How We Crush It — Make an Impact

If Keyboard Cat has taught us anything, it is that ‘remarkable’ goes a long way. Good work wins by a nose and is forgotten tomorrow. Great work requires guts and redefines categories for decades. Something as small as a business card has the ability to land that next big contract. We believe every project should be great and only work with clients that feel the same way.

This is How We Do It

Bigger isn’t Better — Better is Better

We like small. By tailoring teams to specific projects we can focus our expertise, move quickly, and ensure our projects are delivered on time, on budget, and headache-free. Our creatives work directly with their respective clients, providing an uncanny level of clarity and insight. We are mobile in every sense of the word and ready to meet you on your terms. The result is higher quality, less diluted, more relevant work.

The Game Just Got Changed

COED is independently owned and operated. We’re a team of Doers. Everyone has a stake in the quality of our work and the success of our business. We don’t have a full time accounting department, messaging service, office managers, receptionists, account managers, interns, or an exorbitant rent. We have a completely virtual platform built on low operating costs so we can focus on what we’re good at – building brands and keeping our clients happy.

When Our Forces Combine

COED has developed a proprietary system where free agents can thrive because we know that anyone worth hiring doesn’t usually sit still for very long. Our allies are incredibly talented, hard-working and love what they do. Whether you need a team or just one person, we can accommodate your needs.

Our Services

Identity Design

  • competition analysis
  • brand strategy
  • brand alignment
  • product development

Brand Experience

  • web design
  • print communications
  • environmental design
  • app design
  • video Direction & production

Social Activation

  • blog design
  • social media strategy
  • event design & promotions
  • community organization
  • user feedback forums