Our Brand Building Method

The old branding, marketing, and PR silos are going the way of the dodo. As communication platforms and disciplines collide, we have crafted our method to be all-inclusive. Brands today are living organisms: adapting, evolving, and influentially existing in real time. Creating a living and evolving brand means taking a truly Big Picture Approach.

Our method is built on a respect for all aspects of brand building in the spirit of collaboration. This means purely interdisciplinary thinking within one organization rather than many. We can help you find your voice and deliver your message with a rare level of consistency. The result is complete brand clarity.

While our approach is big picture we still sweat the small stuff. We believe that every piece of communication has the possibility to make a believer. How can we be of service to you?


The Big Picture

01Define & Design

The first step in building a remarkable brand is defining your brand’s story. Whether you like it or not — you have a brand. Who are you? What do you do? What do you stand for? Most importantly, Why should I care? Remarkable branding is all about consistency, honesty, and character. Becoming truly relevant in the hearts and minds of your audience means telling these stories in an engaging and relevant way. We build complete brand systems that can inform every aspect of the way you communicate.

02Tell the World

Once you have a brand story and visual system in place, it is time to tell the world. Beautifully designed websites, stationery, environmental design, and printed publications are an excellent start. Something as simple as a business card can speak volumes about your brand. Great advertising is disruptive, creates intrigue, brings joy, and is relevant to it’s time. Brand experiences should reinforce your brand story, bring it to life and engage your audience in new and remarkable ways.

03Social Activation

Creating a successful brand is not a simple task. As one-way brand communication becomes a thing of the past, technology has enabled us to interact with brands and the people expect to be heard. COED believes in empowering communities around brands. This means providing interactive platforms for managing and engaging online and in the world at large to get answers to questions you never thought to ask.