Strommen Language

Strømmen Language

Brand Identity Design & Buildout


As the world gets smaller and more connected, there is a growing need for global communication services. With over five years of service to the L.A. community, Strømmen was uniquely positioned to capitalize on this demand. Strømmen approached COED Design to articulate this positioning, solidify a brand strategy and develop an identity which reflects these new values.


How does an organization communicate globalization and cultural awareness visually? By re-appropriating the equity of the very symbols that represent cultures globally. The gestalt of these symbols and colors communicates international relevance and global harmony, implying language, culture and geography simultaneously. This iconic, visceral and timeless expression of the Strømmen brand requires no words in its communication so that it can be universally appreciated.


Art Direction:
Luc Doucedame
Jenny Ryf Doucedame

Matt Wicks


  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Communication Design


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