UNIF Clothing

UNIF Clothing

eCommerce / Web Buildout


The counter-culture anti brand UNIF had an amazing cult following and exponentially growing demand. From grassroots beginnings, they were quickly taking over the world and needed an e-comm system that could handle the growth. A brand new web presence that could showcase their creative superpowers and capture the market was needed.


Fine stemware will showcase the coloring in a glass of wine. It is invisible. Similarly, our objective was to create an online brand platform in which the vibrant world of UNIF could show through. We created a flexible web experience that could seamlessly integrate with their fulfillment, and was adaptable to mobile and tablet viewing.


Art Direction: Jenny Ryf Doucedame, Brent Freaney & the UNIF Design Group

Direction: Atom Whitman

Development: Matt Wicks & Brent Freaney


  • Web Design
  • E-Comm Development
  • Web Development



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